How Xerox ConnectKey Can Help Your Business as A Digital Workplace Assistant

With the onset of the pandemic and lack of in-office facilities, more and more companies are going remote. That’s why it’s essential to keep the workplace connected regardless of where the workers are. 

Xerox ConnectKey Technology is a digital workplace assistant that makes remote work far easier. It adds cloud and mobile connectivity to your existing Multifunction Printer (MFP). In this way, decentralized taskforces can access and print files on the go. 

But remote copier technology isn’t new. What is new, at least with Xerox’s ConnectKey Technology, is the productivity ecosystem. You don’t just get an MFP that’s good for copying remotely. 

Each MFP is also embedded with high security and an intuitive user interface. When you use ConnectKey-enabled Xerox MFPs from Denver Copier, you’ll forget that printers are function-specific.

Xerox VersaLink Printers

The VersaLink line of printers is the perfect combination of mobile connectivity and budget solutions. It can handle a smaller workload, suitable for smaller task forces. They pave the way for intelligent copier solutions and are easier to manage than their larger counterparts. 

Plus, with mobile and cloud connectivity, you can be sure you’re never too far from your workgroup.

Xerox AltaLink Printers

For business managers who work with a more dynamic team, the Xerox AltaLink printers are ideal. These MFPs have been made keeping the most demanding teams in mind. 

So, if you’re finding it hard to keep up with the massive loads of paperwork you need to do, then don’t worry. The AltaLink MFPs have been designed to provide task automation and smooth workflow. 

Do you want to buy authentic Xerox printers running ConnectKey Technology? Then contact Denver Copier, and we will match you with the best Xerox device for your needs!