How Xerox ConnectKey Gives You Comprehensive Security for Your Business

When Xerox rolled out its ConnectKey Technology, consumers had one major concern; security. But with time, ConnectKey has proven itself to be highly secure and reliable. 

That’s why Denver Copier provides only the most authentic and secure ConnectKey-enabled Xerox MFPs. 

ConnectKey’s Standard

ConnectKey Technology adapts an unconventional yet highly effective security protocol. It works by preventing unauthorized access and detecting suspicious behavior. It also protects data and maintains industry standards. 


The first step to a secure environment is to prevent malicious attacks and unauthorized access. That’s why all ConnectKey Technology-enabled MFPs have user authentication. In addition, secure firewalls protect every access point to the MFP’s data. 

The input ports, as well as the intuitive user interface, all require authentication. Even the network cannot be accessed without a password. 


The next step to securing copier data is to detect malicious attempts at accessing data. It means running a Firmware Verification test at start-up or whenever the user requires it. 

This system gives regular alerts when any suspicious behavior is detected. ConnectKey Technology-enabled MFPs also offer McAfee’s Whitelisting technology. In other words, it logs IP addresses that are authorized and reliable. 


Perhaps the biggest aspect of data security is data protection. On ConnectKey-enabled MFPs, it takes on many forms. For example, it protects the printed hard copies until any authorized user is at the receiving end. 

Additionally, ConnectKey prevents the information being sent on a network from reaching unauthorized computers. Besides that, you can end-to-end encryption and fingerprint ID (on some models) to ensure maximum security. 

External Partnerships

Xerox partners with third-party data protection providers. It increases the reliability of its ConnectKey technology. ConnectKey partners with Cisco and McAfee to ensure that you’re always getting premium protection.

Xerox also partners with LogRhythm and Splunk and has a Common Criteria certification. If you don’t know, Common Criteria certification is a security certification. It means that all ConnectKey-enabled MFPs have adequate digital network protection.