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Tips for Buying a Copier

Paper documents are really important to businesses. Everything from tax forms, order forms, and training materials can be vital for businesses to be able to function properly. A great copier can help the way that your business handles these documents and can help your business to be able to function very well. Here are some…

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Copier Purchasing Tips — The Copier Vampire

I have written a book on how to not get ripped off on buying your next copier.  Why?  Mainly because I see so many people making mistakes on purchasing a copier that I felt I could save most companies thousands of dollars if they would listen.  If you purchase this little book with copier buying tips and buy…

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Don’t Watch Your Color Savings Go Up in Smoke!

You bought a new color copier to go ahead and lower the cost of your color printers, or you are about to….  If you are in this scenario, there are some steps you need to take today to keep your color copier in Denver as inexpensive as possible. Set people’s default print to black and…

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How to Find that Delicate Balance

If you are on this site you are probably researching a copier purchase or looking ahead to one coming up.  I thought this blog would be geared to help you not make 2 different mistakes…  overbuying or underbuying.  Both can be costly, so let’s work with some “rules of thumb” to help you not make…

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How Can I Know if I am Getting Ripped Off?

Many people who are out there doing research are trying to do two things.  1) Looking for actual product information and 2) Making sure they are doing due diligence to assure they are not getting ripped off. This post is designed to help you with #2.  Certainly there are Product Reviews and our sister site,…

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Lexmark X658 — Product Review

Lexmark, International has released a series of new copiers which people in the Denver area should find extremely interesting.  It is the Lexmark X658de, a 55 page per minute copier with standard features like fax, scan to network, color scanning, printing, and can be equipped with mailbox options or a stapler.  Yhis device will be…

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