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Used Lexmark X644e Copier – Low Meter!!

We have a customer who has a few extra Lexmark X644e's due to a few facilities merging.  If you are looking for an amazing copier deal for a small office, this is perfect.  It has been under maintenance with us for the last year and 3 months since it has been new.  The copiers have less…

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Lexmark Refreshes Product Line

Lexmark has just done a product refresh of massive proportions.  80% of their product line have received a refresh.  The Lexmark X642e/X644e have been replaced by the X652e/X654e.  Even the Lexmark T640, T642 and T644 have been replaced by a T65X series.  I am always skeptical when a manufacturer does a refresh as it is…

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Lexmark X644e — Product Review

The Lexmark X644e will soon be getting replace with the Lexmark X654e, but I thought it would be appropriate to say goodbye to this class leader with a review.  This device runs at a blazing fast 50 Pages per minute and scans at 35 pages per minute, duplex scans at 35 pages per minute.  This…

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Ways to Save Money on a Copier in a Tighter Economy

With the Economic news growing bleak on a lot of fronts, there is some good news out there for the business owner in regards to copier purchases.  10 or 15 years ago, a copier rep in Denver would knock on doors and try and place units in for trial and these units would cost between…

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