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Lexmark X654de — Product Review

The Lexmark X654e is definately an interesting device for people used to spending $10,000 on a copier.  Some of the basic features in this product are 55 pages per Minute printing and scanning, standard fax, standard print, duplex scanning, duplex printing…  With this many features, one would think that it would be hard to use… …

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Lexmark Refreshes Product Line

Lexmark has just done a product refresh of massive proportions.  80% of their product line have received a refresh.  The Lexmark X642e/X644e have been replaced by the X652e/X654e.  Even the Lexmark T640, T642 and T644 have been replaced by a T65X series.  I am always skeptical when a manufacturer does a refresh as it is…

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Lexmark X644e — Product Review

The Lexmark X644e will soon be getting replace with the Lexmark X654e, but I thought it would be appropriate to say goodbye to this class leader with a review.  This device runs at a blazing fast 50 Pages per minute and scans at 35 pages per minute, duplex scans at 35 pages per minute.  This…

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