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Ways to Cope With the Current Economy to Your Benefit

It seems tha everyone is nervous about the economy, and for good reason.  Many have lost their jobs and have had their wages decrease and their workload increase.  Now, the copier is coming up for contract and you are trying to figure out what makes sense for your business. Here are some things you should…

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Ways to Decrease Your Spending on a New Copier in Denver

Here are some thoughts on some simple ways to reduce the amount you spend on copiers.  This is true for either color or black and white devices. 1) Look at all associated costs.  Not just cost per print or just equipment costs.  Figure all costs except for paper and compare. 2) Look at maintenance records…

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Dirty Little Secret #1 — Make the Base Prints too High

We deal with customers constantly who have a great copier, have great service and think they are getting great pricing, but there is a dirty little secret in the copier world which helps the vendor make money and costs you money.  Basically it is signing you up for more pages than you need.  Here are…

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