Ways to Cope With the Current Economy to Your Benefit

It seems tha everyone is nervous about the economy, and for good reason.  Many have lost their jobs and have had their wages decrease and their workload increase.  Now, the copier is coming up for contract and you are trying to figure out what makes sense for your business.

Here are some things you should consider…  1) Your new copier ought to be easy to use.  Why? Do you have a bunch of time to train (or retrain) staff on how to make copies?  I didn’t think so….  especially these days.  2) Cost effective…  this should be both the equipment and the prints.  In needs to be the appropriate relationship between inexpensive on the equipment, but not so cheap that you are paying $.05 per copy (unless you only do 100 a month, then who really cares…) 3) Efficient – It needs to be efficient so that the people who are doing work in the office can be as productive as possible.  You can’t afford to be having staff waste valuable half hours trying to something which should be simple like scan to E mail.

If you have a copier coming off its lease, you may think this is bad and you don’t want to have to go through the headache of looking at your options, but you may find that you can effectively cut your payment from $350 a month to $175 per month while being MORE productive…  There are good savings available if you play your cards right.

If we can help in the process of finding a new copier in Denver please give us a quick call so we can qualify what your needs are and put you into a machine that meets your actual needs.