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Xerox Phaser 8560 vs Ricoh CL 3500

Comparison of the Xerox Phaser 8560 vs. Ricoh CL3500 The competition between the Xerox Phaser 8560 and the Ricoh CL3500 is intense. These two brands have both made a compelling case to their respective business customers. The competition is particularly fierce around issues of performance, reliability and maintenance. Performance The performance of the Phaser 8560…

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Xerox Phaser 8560 vs HP Color Laserjet CP3505

Comparison on the Xerox Phaser 8560 vs. HP Color LaserJet CP3505 The Xerox Phaser 8560 is designed for speed, durability and efficiency. The ink technology utilized within the Phaser’s design produces stunning visual results for the user. It has a 20,000 page duty-cycle advantage over the HP LaserJet, and the ticket price is also lower.…

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Xerox Phaser 8560 vs HP Laserjet 4700

Xerox Phaser 8560 vs. HP LaserJet 4700 Is the process of selecting a printer confusing? Comparing two printers is an excellent strategy for determining the right machine for the business. The Xerox Phaser 8560 offers several critical advantages over the HP LaserJet 4700. Xerox Phaser 8560 This line of printers includes four models, and their…

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Xerox Phaser 8560 vs HP Color Laserjet 3800

Phaser 8560 vs. LaserJet 3800 Purchasing new equipment is a major investment for any business. These are obviously going to be on the refurbished laser printer market, however, there are many people buying used laser printers these days.  Selecting a machine that provides the highest quality at the lowest price can minimize this risk. The…

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Xerox’s “strange” pricing tiers — Overview

Selling Xerox products is interesting because Xerox does stuff from a Marketing perspective which is too obvious for most consumers to appreciate.  In fact, most tend to get annoyed by they way they structure their offerings, but I am writing to let you know about a few of them.  I am not going to defend Xerox or…

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