Xerox Phaser 8560 vs Ricoh CL 3500

Comparison of the Xerox Phaser 8560 vs. Ricoh CL3500

The competition between the Xerox Phaser 8560 and the Ricoh CL3500 is intense. These two brands have both made a compelling case to their respective business customers. The competition is particularly fierce around issues of performance, reliability and maintenance.


The performance of the Phaser 8560 is significantly better than the Ricoh CL3500 in several ways. First, it has a faster processor and more memory. The first-page printing speed is affected by these components. The Phaser can print the first page in almost 5 seconds. The Ricoh printer’s first page will finish in about 12.5 seconds.

The Phaser model also performs better than Ricoh in the area of color correction and print quality. This can be attributed to the solid ink technology used within the Phaser 8560 printer. It reduces unsightly banding on the printed page and contributes to a smooth, finished look.

Reliability and Maintenance

Taking care of a printer can be a real hassle for small businesses. The Ricoh model will produce as much as 157 lbs. of waste material for every 100,000 pages. Compare that to the miniscule 5 lbs. of waste produced by the Phaser 8560. Finally, the replacement of ink cartridges is made easy by the Phaser’s simple and effective internal design. Clear instructions are visible right on the panel, which makes changing the ink a quick and easy task.

Selecting a good printer can boost productivity in any workplace. For outstanding performance and first-rate print quality, the Phaser 8560 is an excellent choice.