What to Look for on a New Copier Lease

If you are starting your first copier lease then there are some things that you are going to want to know. Copier leases can be difficult to understand if you aren’t familiar with them. People can find themselves making mistake after mistake is they are working with a bad leasing company. We want to help you avoid these mistakes at Denver Copier and help you know what to look for on a new copier lease.

  • Understand your true costs. This is by far the most important thing. Have your copier leasing representative go through each part of the lease for you. Do not just expect your lease payment to be the only thing that you are paying for each month. Doing everything that you can to understand where your money is going will help you find areas that you can save, and help you take advantage of everything that your lease gives to you.
  • What kind of service can you expect? What are you actually paying for and what can you expect from your company. If you need 24-hour support then you need to check that you are paying for that. How long will it take for someone to help fix your machine if you need it? Know what you can expect in terms of getting help from your copier leasing company.

What does the end of your lease look like? It’s not uncommon for people to pay close attention to the top 2 pieces of advice, but not pay close attention to the end of their lease. Everything looks like what they want during their lease, so what could really hurt at the end? Actually quite a bit. Read through all of your lease to avoid painful payments later on.