Pay for Professional Installation

If you are planning on getting a copier then you may already be looking for ways to save money. Everyone goes about this in different ways, but there is a common money saving mistake people make. When it comes to setting up your copier, Denver Copier always recommends that you pay for professional installation.

Installing your copier is setting the tone for the rest of your lease. What most people think is that their IT department or some handy worker will be able to set it up. The reality is that copiers are specialized machines that not just anyone can work with. Our professionals are Xerox Certified Technicians that have the knowhow to get it done right the first time.

Think of it this way: you don’t pay for professional installation and save some money right away, but soon after you begin to experience problems with your machine. This is usually not because the machine is malfunctioning, but instead because it wasn’t set up correctly.

This can lead to more consistent problems later on. If you aren’t careful then you can easily do damage that will cost far more than professional installation would.

It’s for this reason that Denver Copier recommends paying for professional installation. We have tons of articles on other ways to save money, but this is not an area to skimp on. Trust us, pay the professional and save yourself problems later.