The Popularity of the 5-year Lease

At Denver Copier we offer a variety of copier solutions for every business. With that being said, we still see one type of service outweigh the popularity of everything else. When it comes to copier leases, the popularity of the 5-year lease cannot be ignored. We were interested in why this was and looked into why people like 5-year copier leases.

Besides the 5-year lease option, most companies also offer 24-month and 36-month copier leases. Let’s call the 5-year option the long term choice, and the other options the short term choices.

There are benefits and downsides to each length of lease. When you are working with a shorter lease you have more ability to keep up with current technology. You can replace you copier more often and you can adjust for your specific needs. Alternatively, you end up paying more per month because of the shorter lease period.

With the longer, 5-year period you won’t have as much ability to upgrade. However, we found that most people don’t want to upgrade more than this. They see that technology upgrades, but usually their machine will be fine for the 5-years. They also generally feel that the increased monthly payment simply isn’t worth it for more upgrades.

The popularity of the 5-year lease seems to be that it’s the best middle ground for most people. It also cannot be understated how much people don’t want to continue searching for copiers. At Denver Copier we know that it can be an annoying process. Many people don’t want to have to go through the process more than they already have to. That is where the popularity of the 5-year lease comes from.