Ricoh Purchases IKON

One new development in the copier world is that manufacturer’s are buying resellers at a pretty rapid rate.  Last year Xerox purchased Global (Lewan and Associates) and now Ricoh has purchased IKON.  What does this mean?  The first an most obvious effect will occur to Canon when there are less Canon machines sold than in the past through IKON.  This always takes time, but it is a looming effect on the horizon.  What else does it mean, it means there are less and less independent copier dealers in Denver.  We are happy we are still vendor agnostic and can recommend across brands, but it is good to know if you dealt with IKON, some things might change.

You may also notice service offerings or pricing change here soon.  There may be a lot of pain coming for IKON customers and it is good to try and get ready to weather the storm.