Scanning and the Lexmark MFP’s

Lexmark Multi-Function

Lexmark Multi-Function

So many people are looking at doing some scanning, so I thought I would give a quick review of what a Lexmark X65X series multi-function can do right out of the box.  If you aren’t interested in scanning, you can still look at our copier buying tips section and look at other pertinent information for your organization.

Here is a list of what you can get done (if properly set-up…)

  • OCR is included with the X65X series, free of charge, with Lexmark Scan Center on the CD.
  • Lexmark can route documents to an individual email, group email for group fax viewing, and tie into a fax server for distribution.  They can notify users when new faxes arrive, send secure faxes and receive an email with the password, then retrieve the fax on a MFP with the password.
  • Lexmark can authenticate through your existing network without having to set all this third part Scan Router software up (like with Ricoh, for instance).  You simply allow users to login through the MFP through badge access, proximity card, or login through the virtual touch screen keyboard and allow end users functionality based on their log in credentials for copy, fax, scan, etc.  This is all
    comes with the boxes with no additional software needed.  You can even setup profiles to scan to folders with a plugin in My MFP usb drive.
  • Lexmark can create 100,000 unique destinations of faxes, emails, FTP file sharing, profile processes, web link documents on their MFPs to Ricoh/Lanier’s 2000 destinations – free of charge.
  • Access to LDAP lookup, Kerberos authentication, SMTP v3, NTLM, internal MFP access to authentication is all possible and free of charge.
  • You can attach scans as PDF 1.6 , Secure PDF, JPEG, XPS, TIF. You can even send messages with the scans in email.
  • Scans come in at 600 X 300 or 600 X 300 dpi and down to 150 dpi for more simple scans.  Free of Charge.
  • You can do automatic scanning of size with auto document sensing from the automatic document feeder.  You can also use mixed original sizes of letter and legal.  All free of charge.
  • Why do I keep mentioning “Free of Charge?” …  basically because much of this is offered at a price by other manufacturers…  It’s good to know this is all “out of the box…”
  • Documents can be viewed through File Share from Scan to Network Folder. You can scan to an FTP server, scan to email, scan to web link/web server. Users can search documents on their network shared drive, even name the files.  Free of Charge.
  • You can view documents in Windows by Thumbnail, Icon, Detail and Time/Calendar through normal Windows sharing options.  Free of Charge.
  • You can even scan documents to yourself that you send to others through Scan to Email with a simple click of Send To Me too.  Free of Charge
  • With Lexmark Document Solutions Suite you could be notified when a new document is scanned to your folder with scripting in the process.  It would notify an end user that a new scanned file has arrived.
  • The Postscript driver for Lexmark MFPs allow you to fax from your PC without having to print out a copy of the document first.  Simply go into your application choose the Lexmark fax driver and send.  You will then be prompted to enter in the recipient’s name, phone number, enter in a message to them and their name.  Free of charge.
  • Receiving faxes can send to a group email for all users to view.  Free of charge.

Now remember, here we are talking about devices that start under $2,000 for the unit.  Many of the competitors will charge closr to that for software to handle these sorts of things which Lexmark includes for free.  Setting it up can be the challenge, but that’s why you work with a reseller like us…  we help you get all of this (or whichever parts you need) working!  If you have a printer or copier need here in Denver, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help!