Should You Take the Early Upgrade?

When looking to upgrade your copier, you may have been getting an offer to upgrade from your existing dealer. Generally, the offer will sound something like, if you want to get a new copier, you can, and it will cost even less than it does now per month.

Good New About the Offer:

The good news with this kind of offer is it probably means you are close enough to the end of the lease where this isn’t changing the price too drastically per month if you choose to accept the offer. Of course, each situation is unique.

Bad News About the Offer:

The bad news is if you accept the offer, you will pay more than if you waited until the end of the lease. This is because whatever was left on the current lease rolls into the new lease making the payment higher than had you simply waited.

Should You Accept?

This is a huge, it depends. If you are happy with your current copier, we would suggest to wait til the end of the term. If you are unhappy with your current copier, it may be worth it to make the switch now. Give us a call if you are looking to lease a copier or if you have an early upgrade option from your dealer you would like to get a competitive quote on.