Xerox Altalink B8065 Printer

Part of the new, hightech, and multi-use Altalink B8000 Series, the B8065 is an advantage to workplace through its new technology, but easy to use features. The Altalink B8065 contains bold and rewarding qualities that will revamp your business.

The Altalink B8065 is diligent, which makes it easy to use. It contains connectivity that is mobile, including Google Cloud Print, Xerox Print Service Plug-in for Android, and an optional Wi-Fi Direct, which provides time-saving capabilities to allow for higher productivity due to less time spent in front of the printer. Along with the easy ability to connect, the Altalink B8065 features a 1-touch App that is customizable to help increase productivity in the workplace. This app is simple enough that it saves you both time and energy. It’s as simple as pulling up the app to tell it which job you would like it do complete. The Altalink B8065 is able to print on numerous different sizes of paper, and can also scan and fax while printing. These multiple features allow for convenience and speed when printing items such as brochures, booklets, and pamphlets.

At a print rate of 65 pages per minute, and up to 250,000 pages per month, the Altalink B8065 boasts quick and easy to use printing and copying features. This printer also contains a first time out print rate of 3.3 seconds. Don’t wait for this opportunity, call today!