Tip #5 Know What You Want to do With the Device

  • Do you want to Scan or only copy?
  • Do you want to Print to the machine as a network printer?
  • Do you want to Scan to folders using barcodes to have the jobs automatically routed?
  • Do you need to fax? If so, how much and how often?
  • Color, do you need color?
  • Tabloid, do you need that?
  • Finishing? Stapling in how many different position?

The more of this you know up front, the less worthless accessories you’ll wind up purchasing.  If you need to have the device communicate with a server outsite of Denver/Fort Collins/etc…  somewhere else in the country, make sure you can get your IT people to give you the Subnet, Gateway, and IP they want you to use here in Denver.