VOC’s and Copiers

The Nature of Volatile Organic Compounds in Denver Copiers

Volatile Organic Compounds are a common issue among copiers, and the Denver area is especially susceptible to the threat. In fact, essential office devices are a major cause of dangerous emissions. Luckily, there are several methods available for averting the risks.

Ozone is the primary ingredient within VOCs. This gaseous airborne agent can damage the lungs over time. To detect its presence, shoppers should simply inquire about compatibility with a corona wire. Any indication of this part’s potential inclusion signals the existence of ozonic production.

The only surefire way to stave off painful breathing ailments is by picking a copier that lacks ozone elements. It is rare to find a model that is free of VOCs, but expert providers can make the search easier in Denver.

In the meantime, it is wise to place standard copiers in spots that are outfitted with maximum ventilation. Consistent airflow can prevent asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia.

Furthermore, it is smart to refresh the ozone filter on a regular basis. This will protect administrative workers from the effects of long-term exposure. Employers that utilize copiers should follow the aforementioned tips for proactive workplace safety.