Document Management Made Easy

document management server

No one wants to go out and buy a document management system “just because.”  The decision comes from a desire to save time and save money.  Finding your paper files can be a nightmare without a document management system as the office becomes a free for all. A quality document management system gets rid of this problem forever.  No longer can the sales rep run to the filing cabinet and pull out an important contract and lose the contract in their stack of papers on their desk.  Your accounting team will be able to automate a lot of the accounts payable process.  We generally see a 20% to 40% reduction in necessary staff from accounting once a document management solution is put into place.  If you have 10 people now, you may get down to 6 people and the other 4 can be re-allocated to other roles within the company.

Example of a Document Management Solution at Work!

Tired of losing office documents or spending hours looking for missing paper?  You need a document management solution.  Need to audit documents for compliance issues?  You need document management.

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