Why Document Management Matters

Pahoda-logoMany people begin to look into document management and then abandon ship as it seems like it will be difficult to integrate.  There are reasons many companies look at document management software (DMS) in Denver.  The primary reason is so documents are not lost.  Losing documents can cost a lot of money to recreate, or in a legal case, it could be the difference between winning and losing a case.  Document management means you can find a document quickly.

The best way to explain document management to someone who doesn’t know what it is – Document management is to your documents what Google is to the internet.  If you knew where every site was and where every page on every site was, Google would be useless.  But will billions upon billions of web pages, Google is necessary to find relevant sites.

Document management works the same way.  You may have 5000 documents a day coming in.  Without a clear and simple method to index and store these documents, how can you keep track of them.  How do you restrict access?  It gets too complicated and allows for too many mistakes.

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