Why the Little Things Matter

It’s time to upgrade the old copier here in Denver and you have what feels like 101 copier reps calling you all with their own story and their own angle.  It seems to get so complicated and you want to just get a copier and not have a bunch of hassles.  Why is this so difficult to accomplish?  It seems straight-forward enough.  One of the problems is that you, as the buyer, get tired of answering the same questions over and over so you begin to shorten answers and leave out important details.  Here are some questions you should be getting asked and why these “Little Questions” matter to me as a rep.

Do you print Tabloid (11X17)?  Why does this matter?  Because if you do not I can get you a copier for $2,000 less or so on average.  If I didn’t ask I will guarantee that my copier is too expensive if I assume you do or an abject failure in your office if I don’t ask.  If you answer “No” to this question, there are very few circumstances where it will make sense to get a tabloid capable machine.

2) Do you duplex (print on both sides of the page)?  Why does this matter?  Well, if you do not, then again there are some options which will save a few thousand.  If you do and you also scan, I will know I need to get you a DADF (Dual Auto Document Feeder). If you answer yes and I get you a SADF or a RADF, something is wrong with this picture.

Do you need color?  This matters because color engines cost a lot more per print, but the equipment is coming down in price..  This question eliminates more than 50% of my options for you.

What is your volume?  This matters because volume is a huge part of the overall cost of unit.  If you say 2,000 pages a month and it is 20,000 pages per month, I will likely get you a copier which underperforms and is always broken.  If you say 20,000 per month when it’s 2,000, you will pay for a lot more machine than you need.

Do you plan on scanning?  How?  This is important because it let’s me know if I will need to coordinate with 3rd party vendors and  that can get expensive if I do.

These questions, when fielded by a good rep will help them take into account all of those “Little Things” which will bite you down the road if not addressed.  I try to not every question under the sun.  Like if finishing is needed, I ask what needs to be done. If you say just stapling, I don’t add hole punching and booklet making to the quote…  You should see line items left off or put on your quote as a result of the discussion you have with your rep.  If you would like to chat about getting a copier, I would love to help you weed through all of the “Little Things” to make sure you are happy for years to come.