Xerox ConnectKey Enables Intelligent Workplace Services

Combining Xerox ConnectKey and Intelligent Workplace Services gives you an integrated infrastructure. In addition, Intelligent Workplace Services offer a wide range of services. 

These include workplace economics, rapid digitization, and data encryption. These, when combined with ConnectKey Technology, lead to a seamless workflow where every task is automated.

Easy and Secure

ConnectKey Technology makes fleet management a piece of cake. Instead of a cluttered workflow where you have no track of what’s going on, ConnectKey provides a streamlined process. 

The device cloning is a lot faster, so you can deploy your fleet faster. And with remote setup functionality, you don’t need to worry about employee education. 

But with such a big working fleet, keeping track of unauthorized access is hectic. That’s why ConnectKey brings its security services to the table. It features secure data encryption as well as whitelisting and automated mediation. 

High Potential for Scalability

ConnectKey Technology is made for all workforces, big or small. It works on one core principle, consistency. Keeping its services as easy to implement and highly secure throughout devices makes it simpler to scale it up or down. You can seamlessly add or remove users without worrying about how you’re going to integrate them.

Rapid Digitization

One of the key aspects of ConnectKey Technology is digitization. Today’s businesses rely too much on manual labor when a better alternative has already been devised. That’s why ConnectKey cuts down on a lot of work by transforming your company digitally. 

Now you can get critical insights on workflows and print remotely from anywhere at any time. 

ConnectKey lets you generate a central hub so employees can get quick access to key documents and data. It encourages easy workplace collaboration. And with Intelligent Workplace Services also dismisses the need for departmental correspondence. 

That’s just less paperwork than you normally would have to do. To buy genuine Xerox ConnectKey-enabled printers and MFPs, contact Denver Copier.