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Document Management Partnership

Pahoda + M-Files = Savings & Productivity Gains! We at Pahoda Image Products are signing up with M-files as our document management solution.  Document Management can be a confusing term.  We do not mean “scan to network.”  We mean a content management software that controls revisions, stores data, makes retrieval simple and that any size…

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Document Management – Indexing

When it comes to Document Management, the biggest question we generally hear goes like this…  “We love the system, love the idea of finding all of our documents quickly, but who is going to index the last 20 years of paper documents we have filed?” This is a very valid question.  If you have filing…

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Denver Document Management Companies

If you are a Denver area company looking at document management and want it to be integrated with your next copier or color copier purchase, then there are a few things you should consider before laying down your shekels. The first thing you want to understand, is how does the indexing work.  Is it done…

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