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Data Security and Copiers 101

As people are finally becoming more aware of the data security issues as it relates to copiers in Denver, there are some basics you should know before you freak out or don’t get concerned at all. Almost every copier produced since 2002 has a hard drive standard.  What does this mean for you?  There could…

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Copiers for Political Campaigns in Denver

I have been getting calls lately from political campaigns who are wanting a short term copier rental to get through the next 6 or so months before the elections.  It is logical to look at used copiers in Denver, or short term copier rentals, but for most of these campaigns the most sensible strategy is…

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Yes, We DO Have Used Copiers in Denver!!

Are you looking for a used copier in Denver?  Are you hoping to find that screaming deal here locally?  You are in luck!  We have some used copiers which are super functional and a great deal for you! The first copier we have is a Lexmark X644e, this copier was used in a distribution center…

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Used Copier for Sale in Denver

As many people are having their copier lease in Denver hit the end of its term, they are trying to decide whether to spend a bunch of money on a new copier or if buying a used copier to get a few years would make more sense.  This decision can be tough because there are…

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Used Lexmark X644e Copier – Low Meter!!

We have a customer who has a few extra Lexmark X644e's due to a few facilities merging.  If you are looking for an amazing copier deal for a small office, this is perfect.  It has been under maintenance with us for the last year and 3 months since it has been new.  The copiers have less…

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Used Copiers in Denver are not Always a Better Deal

We often run into customers who are looking for a cheap copier here in Denver and they decided to buy a used copier assuming a used copier is always a better deal.  This is often the case, but sometimes a used copier is exactly what you don’t need.  What are some of the issues a…

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