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Xerox Copier Overview

    Video Transcription It is January 28th, 2014.  As you can see down here – way too late in the evening at 10:25pm.  I’m just looking at some of the Xerox multifunction their color devices, and giving a quick overview of how it should be used kind of what it’s good for.  The 6015…

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Xerox and the Total Satisfaction Guarantee

We are Xerox resellers and we work hard to understand the protocols and programs the manufacturers we represent offer.  One of the most awesome programs a manufacturer has, but few people seem to know about is the Total Satisfaction Guarantee from Xerox.  Basically, this is a relatively unadvertised program by a major manufacturer, but the…

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Are You Buying a Canon Copy Machine in Denver?

Xerox is a Great Alternative to Canon! When choosing a copier, it is important to look at all of the factors that go into a decision.  We do not sell Canon copiers here in Denver, and if I am candid, I have to admit Canon is an exceptionally solid copier brand.  My five favorite copiers…

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New Printer or Copier – Tough Call!

A Printer or a Copier? If you are here in Denver and have been considering purchasing a color laser printer, there are some cases where a color copier might actually be a better deal. Color laser printers seem to be a great fit when your print volume is relatively low (say, under 1,000 pages a…

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