Document Management Software

Document Management System that Publishes to Wiki Site

document management server

We had a request for a Document Management system that could publish to a Wiki Site –  Here were some of the details of what the client needed: 1)  215 employees.  Thinks access for 25 to 40 licenses would work. 2)  5000 people from other companies need to access docs in the DMS.  He wants…

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Document Imaging Software Options

  The Digital Document Revolution Document imaging software has quickly changed the way that companies do business. In stark contrast to the not-so-distant past, companies are now successfully transforming their paper documents into accessible, searchable documents that can be searched any time of day throughout the year. There are tons of benefits that come along…

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Workflow Document Management Software

Workflow Software To Improve Efficiency Businesses in all industries must manage numerous documents to maintain business operations. Whether the documents are necessary for compliance or other purposes, document management software can help businesses organize documentation and optimize the workflow through the company. This will save the business time, money and manpower. Numerous document management software…

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How to Evaluate Document Archiving Software Solutions

A good document management system can do a great deal in making your office more efficient. Using document archiving software is more cost-effective than storing old paper files, and the retrieval process is more streamlined. When you start comparing options for document archiving software for your business to implement, there are a few questions to…

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Document Management for Doctors

Document management is one of the most difficult parts of taking care of a healthcare business. So many office managers and employees get caught up with paperwork that can keep them from getting their real jobs done. With the help of SmartSearch, paper-based filing gets eliminated so that patient records can be dealt with much…

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